Product Designer

TRACE Center



I work as a Graduate Assistant with the TRACE Center ( at the University of Maryland, College Park. My responsibilities include UX research and design for new accessibility solutions being developed at the center. My current work is as follows

  • Leading visual and interaction design for the macOS version of Morphic, a computer auto-personalization tool which aims to change a computer’s interface automatically to fit the current user.

  • Leading the technical design of a simplified version of Microsoft Office for older adults and people with cognitive difficulties 

  • Designing a solution which will allow people with augmentative communication aids to use Android phones 

I’d be happy to talk more about these projects over email or phone.

About the TRACE Center

The TRACE Center has been a pioneer in the development of accessibility standards and solutions such as the WCAG guidelines, the EZ Access button system for touchscreens and kiosk interfaces and most recently the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure, a comprehensive catalog of every known accessibility solution. Currently, the center is working on numerous projects which will create the next generation of accessible interfaces. You can read more about the center and its work at